Still Waiting on That Nap

CharliesChecking off must do items came easy the first couple of days of the trip, but capturing the ever elusive nap time has proven to be quite the chore.

I was going to write a quick follow-up piece to the Kiva Cup post from last week about how, though I try to be encouraging and supportive, Team USA was and has always been a huge, huge underdog in the tournament. I was going to write that the outcome was almost assured before the first ball was ever teed. I was going to write that, and then the Red Sox came back from a five-run deficit to win game two of the American League Championship series. (I’ve seen this movie before!) Per ESPN, the Red Sox had a 3.8% chance of winning the game when the comeback started. That may be worse odds than Team USA had, and it shot my post about the Kiva Cup outcome being, almost, predetermined. Soooo…what to write, what to write.

For the parents out there, do you remember when you wanted your child to start walking? You would stand their little wobbly bodies next to your ottoman and clap for them to take a step. You might have held their hands and pulled them across the floor and convinced yourself that those were steps. Once they learned to walk, you realized that stairs were not your friend, neither were the corners of tables, and the blinds would be lucky to see another year. In general, you learned that you had to play the best defense of your life every time Junior started toddling some place.

Well, one thing that I’ve wanted for a couple of years now is for Jack to get to the point that he just wants to get on his bike and go for a ride. Not a ride TO some place (like The Sugar Shack or the toy store), but just a ride with no predetermined destination.  Well, just after lunch, he said, “I just want to go on a bike ride with Daddy. Just around where ever.” So proud.

I let him lead the way – taking those first few steps of freedom – then I realized that he didn’t know about cars and crossing the street. He had always followed us on bikes. Going on the meandering ride wasn’t quite the relaxing cruise that I had envisioned. It was still a lot of fun, but the teaching never ends, does it?


On a related note, Layne has ridden her tricycle MILES and MILES. Seriously. She has turned that little eight-inch plastic wheel thousands of times. She doesn’t go fast, with an 8″ wheel she CAN’T go fast, and I’ve told her to “stop trash talking and pedal” more times than I really think that I should, but she LOVES the cycling. I know you’re thinking, well, I bet she’s sleeping good. She did sleep well, from 8:45PM until 6:50AM, then it was up and at ’em. That’s her normal sleep pattern, so not quite the extended sleep time that we hoped.

Kids are up. Y’all have a good day.

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    1. When she ‘races’ ahead of you, she says things like, “I’m ahead of you ’cause you’ve got mac&cheese on your head” or “I’m ahead ’cause you stopped to poopy in your pants.” Stay classy, Sassy.

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