A Quick August Update

As we say goodbye to summer, and before next week’s big college football kickoff column, which is to say, me predicting games about as well as I predict political races, I thought that I would take some time to give you an update on a couple of our more popular posts. It’s what you do when you can’t think of anything to write, but you don’t want to use the word ‘hodgepodge’ again.

It’ll be Cruz or Rubio, with Kasich as the VP. Well, so much for that brilliant political analysis. Quick, think back to the debate stage. You had Ben Carson on the left of your screen, John Kasich on the right side, with Rubio, Cruz, Trump and Bush between them. Can you picture it? Now, which one of those people would you NOT take over Donald Trump right now? This is, arguably, the weakest – or at least the candidate, from emails to Benghazi to Vince Foster to a laundry list of things that provide the most points of attack – Democratic candidate since Dukakis, and the Republicans put up Donald Trump?

If Joe Biden had run, he could have won this election in a Reagan-Mondale-like landslide, right? Like I said, I don’t know nothing about nothing and I really don’t even like politics. I just like the characters, and maybe “like” isn’t the right word. I find the characters interesting, what with their over-exaggerations and falsehoods and whatnot.

I still take a swig of ACV, every once in while. Allison’s mother (Hi!) may have been right when she summarily rejected that the ACV was causing me to wake up at 4AM, but I still think that it had something to do with it. I still take it every now and then, but it’s in a new cabinet at our new house and, well, I don’t really think to look for it.

It may have been stress, but I wrote that post in January, before the stress of the house sale and the house purchase which, in retrospect and comparatively, wasn’t very stressful at all. Now we’re dealing with paint colors and flooring and front doors and furniture placement and back patios and why there is a light switch in the middle of the wall. Buying a house is the easy part. Making it feel like a home is hard.

This house is quieter than our other house. We were only about a mile from the interstate at our previous home, and at night I could hear, faintly, cars passing North and South on their way to some place spectacular.

I don’t hear nothing at this house. Quiet as a church mouse. Every now and then, something that we decided to put in the attic and deal with when it wasn’t a million degrees will shift and fall and cause a loud boom, and that will begin a flashlight search of the house. We’ll get there, one day.

Anyway, whether the ACV caused me to wake up early will be one of life’s greatest mysteries, I guess.

It’s 5:55AM. I have to go get ready for work. Y’all have a great day. Be the first to say “hello” to people when you see them. It’ll make them feel good, especially if you smile when you say it.

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