What’s a Tweecret?

If I’m supposed to use Twitter to say things I’d never say on Facebook, where am I supposed to say things that I’d never say on Twitter?

Right here. The secret hidden page for Twitter posts that I thought better about before actually posting to Twitter. I call them Tweecret posts!

Since joining Facebook, I spend an inordinate amount of time removing the check mark next to ‘Show in News Feed’ for most of my “friends”.

I know that I shouldn’t, but when I keep the nursery at church, I usually pick a favorite child. Today, it was not your child.

 Just guessing here, but I estimate that 94% of the people that didn’t like Carrie Underwood in Sound of Music have never attempted a lunge.

A company just announced that it will be closed on December 25th and January 1st for “year-end holidays”. I guess, technically, January 1st is the front end of the year, but it’s still an odd way to say it.

I’m not mad at the caller, I’m mad at myself. I know better than to answer the phone with 3 minutes left in work day. I’m smarter than that.