The Opportunity to Serve

My mom was over for a visit a few weeks ago and asked, “this writing thing, why are you doing that?” A valid question that I’ve asked myself more than once.

Based on the surprise on some of your faces when you say, “I didn’t know you had a blog,” most of you are wondering what this is about also.

The reason that I write is so I don’t have to talk at parties. You already know what I think and I save any wit for here, so I don’t have to actively converse. I’m joking, kind of.

Three years ago, Leah, the kids, and I stayed in a studio condo on 30A in early May for $63 a night. For reference, it was in the same complex as La Cocina and about the size of a room at an Embassy Suites. A similar unit was for sale at the time for $69,000. Foreclosure postings were taped on windows and doors throughout the complex, and I worried that the little shops in Seacrest that we had come to know and enjoy wouldn’t make it. Today the units are being marketed at $119,000 and up, and those little shops are still around.

For the first time in years, there seems to be more homes under construction than for sale in South Walton. From Inlet Beach and Rosemary Beach on the eastern end of 30A to Blue Mountain on the western end, there is new construction every where.

On a recent run down 30A, I started wondering about the $69,000 condo and whether or not we missed an opportunity there. Being too cerebral, I had to start wondering about other opportunities that we may have missed. Homes that we didn’t purchase. Jobs that we didn’t take. Trips that we didn’t take. You know what? I really couldn’t think of opportunities that I felt we missed, at least not opportunities that you can see.

The missed opportunities that came to mind were the ones that dealt with missed opportunities to serve others. To give to others in need. To share with others words of sympathy, encouragement or, maybe, correction and direction.

That’s what I want this blog to be. A service.

A sweet friend sent me this question to answer on the blog: What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something that you strive for?

I should be better with words, because this is going to sound egotistical, but all of this is worthwhile when someone just says, “I enjoyed your post today.” I don’t measure the success of the work by page hits, which vary wildly depending on the day of the week and the time of day the post goes up. I don’t judge the success based on Google ad revenue (I made $1.36 last quarter and, by the way, links in the posts aren’t revenue generators).

If you’ve ever taken a spiritual gift analysis, you’re familiar with the gifts Administration, Encouragement, Giving, Serving, Mercy, Prophesy and Teaching. My gift is serving. I want it to be encouragement. I want it to be giving. I want it to be teaching. Maybe I have those gifts, but more than all of those, my gift is serving.

So, what would it take for me to consider myself a successful blogger? To know that I’ve served you, that I’ve met a need, that I’ve not missed an opportunity to do for you what you couldn’t do for yourself. If I encourage and teach and, maybe, entertain you along the way, that’s awesome raised exponentially for me.

Have a great week!