How to Attach a Photo to an iPhone Email

I know, I know.  My website does not look good, yet.  Michael Hyatt would not approve of my platform, visually speaking.  I think, however, that he would approve of the content of this post. I believe that it will have widespread appeal.

Since switching to the iPhone about 4 years ago, I have been frustrated with not knowing how to attach a photograph to an email that I had already drafted. The only way that I knew to attach a photo was to find the photo in my album and then create the email message by clicking the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen.  That doesn’t work, however, when you are responding to an email.

This week, I was informed by a friend, Todd – who develops iPhone apps yet struggled also with the photo attaching function – that there is a way to attach a photo to an email that you’ve already started or in to a response email.  Below is the process:

1.  Tap in the body of the email.  The Select, Select All, Paste toolbar should appear on your screen.

2. At the far right of the toolbar is an arrow pointing to the right.  Tap the arrow.

3. Select, Select All, Paste turns in to an Insert Photo or Video option.

4. Tap Insert Photo or Video.  You are taken to your Camera Roll or your list of photo albums.

5. Find the photo you want to attach and then tap “Choose” in the lower right corner.

6. You will then be taken back to the email, and the photo you selected is inserted in to your email message.

It’s really not a difficult process, it’s just not very intuitive. Many thanks to Todd for sharing the solution with me, along with his long list of why he feels the Android is far superior to the iPhone. 🙂

If you have any other tips or tricks, please share.