Savannah: Long Trip, Quick Rundown

Jon Acuff has a funny line about kale that goes something like, kale chips taste just like regular potato chips, if you’ve never tasted regular potato chips. I can’t find the exact quote this morning, but it’s out there, maybe in the Twitterverse, but you get the idea.

In the south, you always hear two cities mentioned together; Savannah and Charleston. Not in a Minneapolis-St. Paul way, but in a comparison or companion way. Like peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes someone under the age 35 will go ahead and throw New Orleans in to the conversation. That’s fair, I assume, but as you age, the conversation usually only includes Savannah and Charleston. Though I do love New Orleans, I’ve aged and travel with children now, so I limit my conversations in mixed company to more congenial locales.

We visited Savannah last month as part of a road trip that we took for Spring Break. After spending a few weeks processing the visit, I feel the same way about Savannah that Jon Acuff does about kale. Savannah is like Charleston, if you’ve never been to Charleston.

Perhaps that’s not entirely fair, because I don’t mean that Savannah is bad and leaves you with a “why did I eat that” feeling. Savannah had some great parks that the kids absolutely loved. We spent an afternoon at Forsyth Park just playing on playgrounds we’ve never been to before and throwing the football with Jerome and this 3-year old brother Dante. Charleston didn’t have big open spaces for kids to run and throw the football and ride scooters. I assume there’s Battery Park, but Battery Park is like Forsyth Park only if you’ve never been to Forsyth Park.

It’s good that Savannah has the parks to run and walk and play, because it felt like every 1o steps we took otherwise we were watching out for traffic. In Charleston, particularly South of Broad in the more historic and scenic district, there is little to no vehicle traffic, allowing you to meander and stand in the middle of the street to take a picture. In Savannah, there didn’t seem to be any thought or plan to restrict the flow of vehicle traffic.

I left Charleston raving about the food. I did not get the same culinary delight in Savannah. Of course, we were traveling with Jack and Layne, so we didn’t try the Pink House or any other restaurant. In fact, one night, we just had dinner at Leopold’s Ice Cream. Banana splits provide a healthy, balanced meal…during Spring Break.

I’m already running out of time this morning, so I need to sum this up. Kale is good if you wilt it down with some type of pork and Kentucky yaki sauce. Cook it almost the way that you would turnip greens but, instead of adding vinegar, include some soy or teriyaki sauce to add some tangy saltiness to it. Savannah is good if you’re looking to spend 2 or 3 days in a cool, historic city and you need space for your kids to run off some energy.

That’s all this morning. I really didn’t realize that the street signs were for Taylor and Bull streets until this morning. That’s kind of neat, right Taybo?

Y’all have fun.