The Report of Trump’s Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated

Anyway, I think Trump’s done. It’ll be Cruz or Rubio, with Kasich on the ticket also.– Me, following Ted Cruz’ victory in the Iowa caucus.

Since Iowa, Donald Trump has pulled off victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, and he leads polling in almost every Super Tuesday state. I really thought after Iowa that normalcy would return. I believed that people who polled for Trump would get a laugh out of it but wouldn’t actually vote for Trump.

Welcome to the new normal.  (Read Decency for President by Max Lucado)

Ted Cruz really, really, really, really, really needs to win the Texas primary. Polls show him leading in his home state, but he needs a surprise win in a couple of other states to really stay in this thing. Even then, I don’t know if it’s enough for Cruz. Kind of a shame. As a rule follower myself, I’ve developed an appreciation for Cruz. We’re means people. Simply put, if you do things right, then the results take care of themselves. On the other side are the ends people. They believe that the end result justifies the means they use to get the result, even if the means they use are against the rules.

A quick example (not really, but I’m trying to work this story in to the post). Scrolling through Facebook this week, I saw a picture of a craft that someone posted. It was a lampshade, covered by paint sticks that had been stained and glued, vertically, to the exterior of the lampshade. In the description, whoever posted it said that he used some left over stain and got the sticks “free from Home Depot”. I bet there were 25 or more sticks on the lampshade.

Ted Cruz, if he saw it, would probably react the same way that I did, thinking loudly in my head, “THOSE AREN’T FREE!!!!” They’re free with a purchase, not just free free.

Yeah, see that’s why he and I aren’t very popular. Fuddy duddies we are.

Nevertheless, Trump is pulling roughly 35 percent of the vote, while Cruz and Rubio are pulling about 24 percent of the vote each. Kasich and Carson are sticking around, hoping for a Super Tuesday miracle I guess. I like Kasich. He’s left of far-right and closer to the brand of common sense that I like to use. I still see Kasich as the VP if Cruz or Rubio can somehow get the nomination, but Cruz and Rubio both can’t survive Super Tuesday. One needs to drop out and throw his full support behind the other if someone other than Trump is going to win the nomination.

Super Tuesday will be interesting. Mike Huckabee won the Alabama Republican primary in 2008 and Rick Santorum won in 2012 (really!). Alabama likes to buck the trend. Maybe we vote with our middle finger, as described in Max Lucado’s piece.

Still, “the one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.

Go vote. Have a great day.