Angels In The Outfield and, Maybe, In Chick-fil-A Too

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A few years ago, Leah and I were new to a Sunday school class which was a newly formed class. All that to say, I was more than a bit reluctant to share much. This post is my attempt at atonement for one specific introvert induced failure.

During the time of prayer requests, a lady shared an experience that she had that week.  While at Chick-fil-A, she saw a couple ordering lunch. She didn’t know why, it was just an ordinary looking couple, but she felt led to buy their lunch. In a moment of bravery that I only dream about, she approached the couple and asked if she could buy lunch for them.

They politely declined, but our friend really felt a calling that she was supposed to buy lunch for the couple. She insisted. They continued to decline.

It’s been some years and I have forgotten how the story ended (sorry!), but if I recall correctly, our friend ended up handing them money before she left with her flock of children who were all upset about having to leave the indoor playground. No one ever argues with the mom of a flock of upset children. Our friend, however, was afraid that her insistence on buying their lunch had been interpreted by the couple as pity, or as her judgment of their financial situation based on how they were dressed or the car that they drove. Knowing her as we do, I can assure you that none of those were a reason behind her offer.

I don’t remember the end-details of the story, but I have not forgotten what I wish that I had shared with her then. In the 13th chapter of Hebrews, the author wrote in verse 2:

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. (NKJV)

I’ll give you a moment to read the verse again.

I wonder if the lady in our Sunday school class ever saw the couple again.

Did you ever see the person who you let merge in front of you in traffic again? What about the person you did not let merge in front of you in traffic, ever see them again?

Do you ever see the elderly lady that you didn’t hold the elevator for again? What about the guy behind the counter who is trying to take your order? Do you ever talk again with the customer service lady on the other end of the phone who is trying to resolve a mistake with your order?

What if all of those moments are being acted out by angels just to see how you’ll respond?

“Yeah, Gabriel here. Just checking in. I’m happy to report that Dan’s okay! I cut him off this morning and he just smiled and waved with all five fingers.”

Recalling something Dr. Kevin Elko said in a recent Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration, “Go be kind. If you miss, it won’t be by much.”

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