Earlier this week on Twitter, Michael Hyatt re-shared a post that he wrote in February 2014 titled “5 Reasons You Should Smile More as a Leader“. I’m not sure what umbrella title Mr. Hyatt would give himself. The tagline on his blog is “Helping Leaders Leverage Influence”, but he also acknowledges that some people are leading, or trying to at least be supportive, from the middle. So, perhaps he’s a thought leader, or a leader leader, but really I digress because the smile post is applicable to everyone in any setting – especially you (and me).

A friend of mine was doing a presentation in front of his organization’s leadership team and members of management. He wasn’t nervous about the presentation, but there’s always some amount of anxiety when taking the stage in front of your organization’s executives and management team.

We were discussing his presentation and I suggested that, at some point while he had the microphone, he should tell them to smile. Every day. On purpose if necessary, but smile.

He looked at me like I was crazy. He didn’t tell them. He’s told me since that they still don’t smile. Sometimes you have to be reminded to smile.

Mid-morning on day three of our trip to Disney our son Jack hit a wall. Three nights of less-than-average sleep was taking a toll, and he really just wanted to go build a light saber at the Star Wars gift shop. We had Fast Passes for something, so I told him that we’d have to come back later. You can imagine how that was received. After making the irrational statement that I would “take you out of this park”, I told them that he just had to trust me, and he had to smile. At that point he was going to have to fake a smile, but fun will find a smile. Fun doesn’t find frowns, but fun will find a smile. I wish that I had a picture of him coming off of the Rock n’ Roller Coaster. He wasn’t faking that smile.

I encourage you to read Mr. Hyatt’s post, but I’ll spill the beans on one of the most important reasons you should smile more – it makes you feel better. Sure, smiles draw others to you, makes other feel comfortable, creates a positive environment that leads to open discussions that generate ideas and solutions, but the biggest benefit to me is the affect it has on the person doing the smiling. As Mr. Hyatt states, “it’s much cheaper and healthier than drugs.”

Try it today. With your spouse, with your kids, with your boss, with your mother-in-law, whoever you see, smile.

Have a great day! See you soon!