If you’ll recall, I initially called this Friday post “Freestyle Friday” because I would get up, write whatever came to mind between 5:00AM and 5:30AM and hit “Publish”. No advanced planning, no real thought, just GO! I’ve gotten away from that structure a little. There were topics too big for 30 minutes, or things that I really wanted to cover, or a series that I wanted to do, and I got away from the randomness of Friday morning writing. Today I get back to 30 minutes of rambling musings. Enjoy.

Cruz Wins Iowa. I really don’t know much about politics. I don’t even like politics. I like the characters, and the whole charade is like a very well done cartoon come to life.

Something happened to the world when the local TV channels stopped showing cartoons on Saturday mornings. You can probably do some research and come to the conclusion that, when cartoons yielded to infomercials and Saturday morning news shows, is when America lost its innocence, of sorts. Or maybe not, but I know I enjoyed Saturdays better when I had a little Super Friends to get me started. Then some Looney Tunes laughs. But I digress…

I really don’t know much about politics or politicians. Truth is, I assume that they’ll do what they want to do regardless of what they say on the campaign trail and whether I vote for them or not. I know people want a President who’ll do things like tell the truth and follow the law. I’m afraid that this isn’t the 1800s, and far too many people care not about those things anymore.

The point that I’m really trying to get to is what I told Leah four months ago; there is a difference in people saying that they support Donald Trump and those people actually going in to the voting booth and pulling the lever for Trump.

“Build a wall!” “WIN!” “We got to fight ISIS!”

One of the funnier comments I saw leading up to the last GOP debate was, “Trump wants to fight ISIS but he’s ducking Megyn Kelly?”

I get that Trump’s message, over the top as it may be, is what a lot of people are thinking. Protect the borders. Improve the economy, etc., etc., but there’s a disconnect between saying “Yes, I want those things also” and actually voting for Trump.

Does anyone actually use an honest to goodness voting booth with levers next to candidate’s names? I miss those. I bet some of you reading this never saw one. That’s a shame.

Anyway, I think Trump’s done. It’ll be Cruz or Rubio, with Kasich on the ticket also.

Maybe it’s not the ACV. I’m saying “maybe” it’s not the ACV that keeps waking me up at 4AM. Coinciding with the start of my ACV experiment, I was also doing what seemed like daily presentations at work. That brings about a fair amount of anxiousness for me, and that could have been the reason for me early wake-up. I don’t have a presentation today, however, and I took my carefully measured swig of Bragg’s last night at 7PM. I was awake this morning before Justin Young’s “One Foot On the Sand” began playing for my 4:15 alarm. So I guess I’m saying that there’s a possibility that if ACV increases your metabolism, then maybe it disrupts my sleep pattern, but maybe not. I’m definitely still overweight with poor eyesight.

People of Facebook. I fully admit that I am not the right one to be telling y’all this, but I’ve been asked by a good friend to say a few words about grammar and spelling on Facebook. Quite simply, there’s room for improvement. There is no limit to the number of characters you can use, so there is no reason to use shorthand. Go ahead and spell out the whole word. My friend says that some people on Facebook try hard to look like they’ve never had an English class, for some reason. I told him that I didn’t want to say anything about it on my post because I didn’t want the hate mail. I’m just now recovering from the “bless your heart” fallout. Alas, he’s a good friend who has helped me a lot. He’s the only one that responds to my calls for pictures of rock walls or old barns, so I’ll mention it here as a favor to him and because I have a few minutes left this morning, but send your angry, grammatically impaired comments to Jim.

Gotta run. Have a great day.

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