Freestyle Friday: I Really Got Nothing

5:00, let’s go.

So, everyone is back at school now. It was only insignificantly easier this year than last year to see them go.

No more cute name-play shirts for Jack
No more cute name-play shirts for Jack
Layne the Lion
Layne the Lion

There may have been Friday mornings when I had nothing in mind to write about, but I honestly can’t remember one. Today is like one of those days that you want to do something, but you just can’t think of anything that you want to do. Alas, such is the idea behind these Friday posts; write whatever comes to mind.

The feedback on last Friday’s post was tremendous. Whether you posted a comment here, added a comment on Facebook, responded on Twitter, or sent an email calling me “Mister” or “sir”, thank you for your engagement and for adding your thoughts.

A teacher commented that she was a bit suspect of children – particularly high schoolers – who said “yes ma’am” and then behaved in a manner that was any but respectful. Their words didn’t match their actions. Fair point. “Yes ma’am” may not be the bellwether to a respectful behavior, especially among teenagers.

Another commenter said that her first job after graduating from Alabama was in Washington. One week in to her job her boss called her in to her office and told her, “you’re doing a great job, but you’ve got to drop the ma’ams.” I’ve been there, too, and I wasn’t in Washington.

I don’t know if this is similar or not, but  I will admit that, when people call me Mr. Erwin, I am quick to tell them that Mr. Erwin is my dad. I’m just Jammy. That’s probably not the same. “Yes sir” is probably the equivalent, but I don’t get many of those. Maybe I don’t ask enough questions…maybe I Google too much.

Moving forward. Last night as I was trying o come up with an idea for this morning’s post (I’m still trying to come up with an idea for this morning’s post), I was coming up with a list of people who I wish had a blog. My roommate from college came to mind. I will die believing that he is the smartest person that I’ve ever met, but he’d probably use big words that I wouldn’t understand in his blog. I’m not sure if she scored a 36 on the ACT or would have been in the top 1% for the MCAT, but Katie Burnett is definitely one of the smartest people who I’ve ever met. In fact, when we raise the voting age to 70 and I get elected President, Katie will be my VP.

Anyway, I was scrolling through Twitter last night trying to find inspiration for this post from current events, when I saw a post from one Katie Burnett saying, “Lately I’ve really been thinking about blogging again. I’ve got some things to say!”

{See, it would have been better had I embedded the tweet here, but Katie has a protected account and you can’t embed tweets from protected accounts. Understandable, but stinky.}

Yea! I think she should do it. I’d even offer to let her be a guest writer in this space, but she’s too smart to have anything to do with this rag.

Was that a coincidence? Probably, but just in case, today I’m going to think of people who I would like to see win the lottery – I mean the BIG lottery, not that measly $4,000,000 one – and share the money with me. Good luck Earne and the rest of our Atlanta friends!

Thanks for coming by. You guys have a great day and a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday: I Really Got Nothing”

  1. Aww Thanks Jam! I’m going to assume you don’t want me to guest post about eyeshadow. Also, I’m going to assume RayTed is the roommate you’d like to see blog. I bet he has some great stories.

  2. Well…. I don’t disappoint anybody but he definitely was not talking about RayTed. We were his favorite roommates but not his most intelligent. We have average intellect but are very wize! We taught Jammy some of the finer things in life like how to drink Milwakees Best and live in a king at Chateau le Bank. We feel a little responsible for man he’s turned out to be. And Katie we have some really Good Stories…… 😉

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