Derek Jeter Just Lived Every Boy’s Dream

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In what will probably be his last at-bat in a Yankee uniform, definitely his at-bat in his last game at Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter lived every boy’s dream last night.

Every little boy has stood in a yard, or a sandlot, or in the middle of the street and dreamed that the game came down to his last at-bat. As imaginary fans cheered, the little boy steps to the plate. Last night, Derek Jeter completed the dream on a very real stage.

With two out in the bottom of the ninth, the score tied at five, and a runner on second, Jeter stepped to the plate as history watched. Swinging at the first pitch, Jeter lined a single to right field that was good enough to score the runner from second and win the game for the Yankees. Probably the most fitting ending to one of the most beloved players in Yankees history.

Look, I’m not even a Yankees fan. My loyalty to teams that use their considerable financial base to win the arms race for talent and facilities doesn’t extend beyond college football, but you have to admire Jeter as player. I’ll never forget him diving in to the stands to catch a foul ball in the postseason and thinking, how do you beat that kind of effort? In the end, you don’t. A tremendous ending to a tremendous career for a tremendous player and, by most accounts, a tremendous person. And he did it all on the biggest stage in the world.

So, this morning I got up, set-up the computer at the breakfast bar with intentions of writing about some wisdom Jack gave me at Five Guys Burgers & Fries last Sunday, but I turned on the TV to see if the Ryder Cup was on and ended up seeing the Jeter highlights. (The last at-bat clip is good, but you really need to watch the entire game highlights on SportsCenter to see how that at-bat came about.) Anyway, that’s how Friday morning posts are supposed to develop.

I found the Ryder Cup broadcast. It’s on The Golf Channel. Good grief! Spieth & Reed are striking their ball this morning. USA! USA USA!

Have a good weekend!

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