It Was Like a Clown Car, but It Was My Attic

“Where did you get that?“, I asked Jerrard, after he placed a round, wooden side table in the middle of the room.

“It was in the attic”, Jerrard – one-half of the moving team tasked with relocating all the items from our home of 11 years to our new home last Saturday – said to me, with no small amount of bewilderment.

“I have never seen that before in my life”, I responded in equal bewilderment.

We were about 3 hours in to a move that I thought would take about 6 hours total, and Jerrard and Tristan were still pulling things out of the attic. The attic was like a clown car of what in the world moments.

Tristan looked around and, in his own moment of disbelief, proclaimed jovially, “we have not moved a thing.”

It is with no small amount of embarrassment that I write that Tristan & Jerrard filled up one moving truck, almost entirely, with things from our attic spaces. I’m beyond embarrassed that the only advice we gave them at the new house was, “I guess just put it in the attic.”

It was almost 100 degrees outside, where the wind was moving a little. I have no idea what the temperature was in the stale, breeze-less attic. My gosh, I don’t know how those guys were still smiling at 7:45 that night when they finally finished.

But they were. Smiling, happy, gracious, courteous, polite, helpful, thankful – Tristan and Jerrard were all of those things — as were the 3 guys from the additional crew that we authorized at 2PM to bring their truck and come help out. Tristan & Jerrard even stayed and helped me put my bed together because, after a day of moving, the only thing that really matters is having a place to sleep.

We had a yard sale a month before we moved, but we’re planning to have another one in the fall, once summer gets tired and begins to give up its fight a little.

All that to say, thank you to Jerrard, Tristan, and the three guys from the second crew from Two Men & a Truck. (Yes, that’s 5 Men & 2 Trucks.) I don’t plan to ever need you again, but it’s good to know that you’re there if I do.

I doubt any of the Two Men & a Truck guys will read that, but since you did, take a cue from Jerrard and Tristan and go be happy, gracious, courteous, polite, helpful, and thankful. And smile.

Have a great weekend!

Note to Karly: In the opening sentence, should there be a question mark inside the quotation mark? Should it have been, “Where did you get that?“, I asked, or is it correct the way that it is?

3 thoughts on “It Was Like a Clown Car, but It Was My Attic”

  1. You should have a question mark inside the quotation and you should have a closing quotation mark. For some reason in that first sentence both quotation marks are open, unlike first sentence of second paragraph where you have an open and close quote. Additionally, commas always go inside quotation marks.

    1. Okay, I think that I fixed it. Thank you. Commas go inside the quotation marks?? So it should have been “Where did you get that?,” I asked? That seems odd.

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