Freestyle Friday: Happy Birthday Leah!

5:00AM on a special day. Let’s go.

IMG_1026Today is my wife Leah’s birthday! The one day a year that is ALL ABOUT LEAH!

Except that today, it’s totally not.

I have to work. Jack will be in school. Layne has gymnastics. After gymnastics Leah will rush back home to be here when Jack gets off the school bus. The termite man is supposed to be at the house at 3:30 for our annual bond renewal inspection. Jack’s got to be at soccer practice at 5:30 and Rick Burgess is speaking at our church tonight at 6:00.

That’s ALMOST just like a day spent sitting in a beach chair with a good book, huh?

So, this post is all about Leah.

Today’s post will be devoted to telling you about:

  • The great helper she is to me.
  • The wonderful mother she is to our children.
  • How we always have clean clothes to wear – and that’s no small feat with the number of daily wardrobe changes that occur in our house.
  • The incredible friend that she is to people who she’s just met.
  • The abundantly patient person she is with the kids and me.
  • What an awesome vacation planner she is. She lined up three vacations in one day yesterday!
  • The way that she’s willing to help others.
  • The way that her heart breaks for people who are hurting or who are scared.
  •  What a great driver that she has become.
  • What a good cook that she has become. Really! You should try her chicken salad, or the golden mushroom chicken dish.
  • The generous person that she is with her time and talents.
  • Her ability to just look passed all of my flaws. Well, maybe not ALL of them, but I have quite a few and she doesn’t seem to notice most of them.
  • How she stays awake all night to finish a good book.
  • How the kids would be in rough shape at school if she didn’t take the lead on signing papers, packing snacks, fixing lunches, making sure their lunch accounts weren’t depleted, wearing jackets, etc.

She is all of these things and more and we don’t tell her enough how much we appreciate her for all that she does for us and how much we love her just because.

So, while it’s not having dinner at Da Silvano, at a table with Kelly Ripa on one side and Willie Geist on the other (one day, ONE DAY!), I hope that you have  a very happy birthday, Leah! We love you and thank you for all that you do.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you soon.

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