Grand Ole Catch Up

Good morning! I’m going to break the drought today and write something. I’m really not sure what it will be just yet, but I’m going to write something. It’s kind of like those times when you’re not really all that hungry, but you decide to eat anyway because you’re not sure when you’ll get the chance to eat again. I don’t feel overly inspired to write, but I’m going to fight through that and write just to spite that feeling.

The last time we met, Leah and I had been to Nashville for her birthday. We told you about HUSK, but we also went to the Grand Ole Opry while we were. I know, you’re thinking the same thing that I thought, but it’s actually a very neat experience. Eight country, bluegrass, or gospel artists perform 2-songs sets, so you get to see a variety of talent in the 2-hour show.

When we were there, Greg Bates was the opening act. Who is he? He sings the country song “I Did for the Girl”, and a song about sand. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I would actually know some of the songs being sung, because I only recognized about 3 names of the people listed to appear.

Jonathan Jackson who plays Avery from the show Nashville also performed. Phenomenal voice. Leah watches, but I’ve never seen more that a couple of scenes of the show. I don’t know if he’s much of an actor but, while he was singing, the question bouncing through my head was whether he was a singer who decided to be an actor, or if he was an actor who learned how to sing. Sure, he could be both, like I have the natural abilities of eating junk food AND watching TV. Maybe his natural talents don’t involve banana pudding. His loss. One thing is certain, the guy is definitely a singer now.

A few of the other acts that we saw were Jason Crabb, Suzy Boggus, and Vincent & Dailey. They were all great, but the most amazing artists performing that night were the backup singers and the house band. The show is broadcast live on the radio, so there isn’t time for set changes between acts. Singers can use the house band, or they bring their own musicians who have to use the house instruments. About three acts in to the evening, I noticed that the guy on the slide guitar (is that what it’s called?) hadn’t changed. He was playing everyone’s music. New songs. Old songs. New country, old gospel, didn’t matter, he knew it. Same for the drummer and the fiddle player and the guitar players. Just an amazing group of talent.

I’m running out of time. If you go to Nashville, and you should just because it’s an awesome city, don’t be afraid to try out one of the city’s oldest attractions. It’s a great time and a great show, and be sure to take the backstage tour afterwards. You’ll get to stand on the circle. Brad Paisley says that the dust of Hank Williams’ boots are in the cracks of the circle.

Have a great day and an awesome weekend. Smile!