Freestyle Friday: Cha-cha-cha, HI-YA! Eat More Chicken!

Today’s post is gluten-free and @markjskibafree. I am tempted to write a few words about why he let it ride, but I know that most of you are in the Southeast and most of you couldn’t bet against your favorite team in the national championship game either, so you really already know why he let it ride. Good luck in The Kiva Cup, Mark.

Jack, and the present that he got for his 4th birthday.
Jack, and the present that he got for his 4th birthday.

A fortnight of birthdays comes to a close today. Five family members have celebrated birthdays in the last two weeks. If we go back to the beginning of December we could pick up two or three more birthdays. Point being, we owe some serious royalties to whoever owns the birthday song.

Do you ever wonder who was the person that added ‘cha-cha-cha’ to the end of every verse of the song? For those of you that have managed to avoid every child’s birthday party, it goes something like this:

Happy birthday to you, CHA-CHA-CHA!

Happy birthday to you, CHA-CHA-CHA!

Happy birthday dear Amber.

Happy birthday to you! CHA-CHA-CHA! HI-YA! Eat more chicken!

It’s cute the first couple of times that you hear it, then it loses its appeal very quickly.

WOW! 30 minutes goes by fast, especially when you struggle what to write about. I can’t dilly-dally today, so I need to hurry and wrap this up.

I promised you guys a review of Sycamore Row. I hope to get that done this weekend. How are you doing with your resolutions? If you’ve already fallen behind, I might suggest that you starting keeping a journal (or a log, or a diary, whatever you want to call it). Keeping track of whatever it is that you’re working on will help keep you focused and achieve your goal (or your money back!).

That’s all that I have time for today. Go be kind.

2 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday: Cha-cha-cha, HI-YA! Eat More Chicken!”

  1. I have always hated that Chicken. It makes absolutely no sense. Why not “eat more cake”? Then I could tolerate.

  2. You tease! I thought I was finally, finally going to have the answer to the cha cha cha hi ya eat more chicken mystery that has plagued me since I started attending children’s’ birthday parties. I know I am not the only one who would appreciate an exhaustively researched history of the phenomenon. Thanks for getting on that Jammy!

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