Friday 4-Pack: UM@VU, UK@UF, USM@UA, AU@KSU

Good morning! Good news, Layne started children’s choir last Sunday, which means that I get about 75 minutes on Sunday evenings to just sit and write. If all goes well and I can find enough photos of stone walls in open fields, I’ll have a new series ready for post in a couple of weeks! I’m excited. I’ve only been writing the post in my head for 25 years. It’s probably time to get it out.

Credit: @JimHHartsell
This is close. Very close. Credit: @JimHHartsell

If you have a photo of a stone wall in a field, or if you happen across a rock wall in a field in the next couple of weeks and you take a photo, and you’d like to see it on the www, send it to me. I might just use it! I’ll even give you photo credit.  Think of the scene in Shawshank when Red found the metal box that Andy left for him under the black rock, that’s the type of wall that I’m looking for.

On to the picks!

Massachusetts @ Vanderbilt (ESPN3, 12:00)
I don’t like to use the phrase “dumpster fire” two weeks in to a season, but this Vanderbilt program has fallen apart faster than toys from the dollar store. If you’re coaching at Vanderbilt, or 103 other universities, you don’t turn down the opportunity to coach at Penn State, but did James Franklin take every bit of gusto from Nashville when he left? This team needs a win in the worst way. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll get it tomorrow.
UMass 23 – Vandy 19

Kentucky @ Florida (SEC Network, 7:30 PM)
This is an interesting game. A Kentucky team that, at 2-0, has already matched its 2013 win total goes to Gainesville to play – by all accounts – a resurgent Florida team. It would be an incredible win for Mark Stoops’ Wildcats, and a loss could start the Gators on a descending spiral to mediocrity again this year. Florida’s first game of the season was canceled due to weather, but the offensive caught up on the stat sheet by putting up 65 points against Eastern Michigan last week. I don’t think Kentucky is Eastern Michigan, but I still like the Gators.
Florida 42 – Kentucky 23

Southern Miss @ Alabama (ESPN2 @ 6:00)
This used to be an annual contest, and I honestly don’t know why the decision was made to discontinue the series. I know Alabama wanted to play in one of the kickoff games against a bigger name, but this was always a good contest against a regional opponent. It’s good to see the Golden Eagle of Mississippi Southern – as Eli Gold will call them at least once tomorrow – back on the schedule. Alas…
Alabama 27 – Southern Miss 15

Auburn @ Kansas State (ESPN @ 7:30 on 9/18)
I’ll go ahead and give my prediction for this game since I won’t post again before next Thursday. I’ll say this, the media is doing its part to hype this game. I know crazy things can happen when you play on the road. Oklahoma State went to Ames, Iowa a few years ago and was shocked out of the national championship race when they lost to Iowa State. I heard the words “massive contest” by a sportscaster last night to describe this game. I don’t mean to – and I don’t want to – ruin the fun for the Auburn fans. I want you to travel to the game if you can, and gather with family and friends to watch it on tV if you can’t travel to the game, and enjoy playing a new opponent on the road. Don’t, however, buy in to the hype that Kansas State has a chance in this game.
Auburn 67 – Kansas State 3

Have a great weekend!