Freestyle Friday: Every Day is Like Birmingham

Before I start, someone asked me where they could get the book that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (here’s the post). It was How to be Rich by Andy Stanley and you can get it from Amazon by clicking right here.  It’s probably also available at Lifeway or Books-a-Million, but I don’t have an affiliate agreement with them. Oh, and while you’re there, Enemies of the Heart is the book our Sunday school class will use as the basis of a study beginning this Sunday (June 8). You can also pick up a copy of that book while you’re there. Two birds and a stone and whatnot. 9:30, room 302 – building E, maybe.

It’s awesome when someone asks a question about something they read right here. Just awesome. I love running in to people who read the blog,

Okay, let me make a confession. For only second time since August 2013, I am not writing this post at 5:00AM on Friday. The first post that I pre-wrote was my birthday post – not because it was my birthday but because we were headed to the mountains with no internet access. I wrote the post early and scheduled it to go up at 6:00AM. I’m writing this one early because we’re going to the Zac Brown Band concert tonight! I just need more sleep now than I did when Cracker was playing the 5 Points South Music Hall. That extra hour could be HUGE.

Perhaps because of the proximity to Country Music USA (Nashville), Atlanta (Hip-hop), and New Orleans (Bluesy-soul), Birmingham is often overlooked for its music. Or its love of music. Or both.

5PMHMy 20s were spent at the 5 Points South Music Hall and Zydeco, with an occasional trip to The Nick and anywhere else a band could be playing. Today it seems that Iron City Grill is the place to be to see a variety of acts – new comers and old timers, country artists to metal bands.

Sure, everyone knows (or knew at the time) that the Velvet Teddy Bear Reuben Studdard was from Birmingham. The moment that still makes me smile, though, was when an artist was being interviewed by a local radio station. This artist, along with his band, had traveled to Birmingham several times before finally “making it”. He was asked what it was like to go from playing in front of a “sold-out” crowd of 250 people at Zydeco to playing in front of 15,000 people every night.

His answer, “Every day is like Birmingham.”

I’m going to say that artist was Rob Thomas of Matchbox20, but if I’m wrong correct me in the comments. The point is that Birmingham has a rich appreciation of music and dedication to artists, just without the traffic.

So, we’re headed to Zac Brown Band tonight. I’m sure that most of the crowd will be too young to remember the 22nd Street Jazz Cafe and The Hippodrum, but I hope the energy is so high that, when ZBB catches their breath after the show, they look at each other and say, “I wish every day was like Birmingham.”

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