Freestyle Friday: A Godsend

Last week I wrote the story of finding the lost engagement and wedding rings at the beach last month. There’s more to the story.

You’ll recall that once I made it to the area where the people were looking for the ring, I started talking to the wife, who happened to be the closest to me. To my right, one of the men using a rake asked the husband, “where did you find this guy?”

The husband answered, “I don’t know where he came from. He’s just a godsend.”

godsendanything unexpected and needed or desired that comes at the opportune moment, as if sent by God (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

Surely on that day, after hours of searching the sand under a blazing sun for a lost ring, a guy with a metal detector seemed a godsend to the couple.  As Christians, though, we’re called to be godsends every day. To recognize the needs of those who are lost, hurt, confused, or hopeless and share with them the strength, courage, hope, love, and mercy given to us – and to provide what talent and resources we have that may change or ease their situation.

We are godsends every day, whether we spend the day at work or strolling the beach with a metal detector, we just get too busy to recognize the opportune moments.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy 4th of July! Be safe, be kind.