Freestyle Friday: Three Thursdays in Chattanooga

School stars for Jack next Wednesday. May seems so long ago. June and July are over. Jack made the comment last week that this summer has flown by because he has “been so busy.”

It has been a busy summer. Vacation Bible School, beach trip, and basketball camp in June. Soccer camp, football camp, tennis lessons, and three trips to Tennessee in July. Jack spent the last three Thursday of July in Chattanooga.

His first trip was with my parents to Lake Winnepesaukah, or Lake Winnie for short, billed as The South’s Favorite Family Amusement Park. Jack reports that Lake Winnie has bumper cars, a log ride, two roller coasters, a train, and other family rides. His favorite part of Lake Winnie is probably all the carnival games. You know, like shoot the water in the clown’s mouth until your balloon pops or your horse crosses the finish line.


With a name like Lake Winnie, you need to have an actual lake on premises, and Lake Winnie does. Jack and my dad took a pedal boat for a spin.

Lake Winnie has rides for the entire family. Jack wouldn’t go near the Cannon Ball Roller Coaster or the OH-Zone ride, but he had a great day and can’t wait to go back.

Jack’s second pass through Chattanooga was the following Thursday as we made out way to the Gatlinburg area for a couple of days of hiking and eating and shooting bb guns. We didn’t stop in Chattanooga on that trip, except on the way back at the gas station, but Three Thursdays sounded better than Two Thursdays in the title.

Jack’s third and final trip to Chattanooga was with Leah and her parents, and they packed in the adventures over the course of two days.

Day one started at Ruby Falls, which Jack has not stop talking about.  “You’re walking on level ground, but you’re actually getting deeper IMG_1136in the earth because the mountain gets higher”, really made an impression on him. After Ruby Falls, they visited Coolidge Park for an afternoon of outdoor fun and frozen bananas. Then, to top off the day of adventure, a duck boat tour of Chattanooga. We love a duck boat tour.

Day two started with a trip to Lookout Mountain and Rock City ( The kids were both impressed that IMG_1893.JPGyou can see seven states from the top of Lookout Mountain. I don’t know if that’s really true, but it’s been said for so long that people just accept it without question. I’m sure there is some truth behind the claim, I just don’t know that it’s ever been tested. Either way, the kids loved Lookout Mountain. After Rock City was a ride on the Chattanooga Incline Railway, a train ride straight up the 72% grade of Lookout Mountain.

And with the train ride down the mountain, the sun set on Jack’s three Thursdays in Chattanooga. But he’ll be back. “Dad, we could drive to Chattanooga, spend the day, and then be home in time to sleep in our own beds at night.” You really can. It takes just over two hours to drive to Chattanooga, and it’s a trip that you should consider, especially if you can find a day in July when the high temperature is an autumn-like 81 degrees. If you haven’t been to Chattanooga in a while, take a nice drive and visit what is, in my opinion, one of the south’s better cities.

Thanks to the grandparents for making the visits to Chattanooga possible, and thanks to all of younfor stopping by. I hope you have a great day and a great weekend.