Eclipsing an Answer

A self-professed Neo-Nazi called the Rick & Bubba Show earlier this week during a discussion on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m paraphrasing, but the caller said that he just wanted to live his life the way that he wanted to live, and everyone else was free to do whatever they wanted to do, just leave him alone. Here’s a link to the show’s daily documentary, the call starts at the 9:50 mark.

When the hosts explained that Hitler’s Nazi party wasn’t a “live and let live” movement, the caller goes in to a defense of Hitler.

Man, the eclipse can’t get here soon enough.

I haven’t seen this reported by any of the left-wing or alt-right news channels, but just as the moon clears the sun next Tuesday and the sun’s full light once again shines down on the US, all hate, prejudice, elitism, inequality, and bigotry will have been removed from our society. It has something to do with it being a total eclipse and the centers of the of sun and the moon aligning just perfectly so that the sun and the moon’s gravitational forces work together to pull from the United States what a hundred of years of beginning statements with “I’m not a racist, but” couldn’t achieve.

Yep, next Tuesday evening, blacks and whites and a family from Pakistan will all sit around the teppanyaki grill at the Japanese steakhouse and laugh, and joke, and complain about the heat without even noticing the differences among them. Or worried that one of their friends will see them socializing with one another.

It’s going to be awesome!

Except that it’s not that easy.

The eclipse is going to start around noon, reach its peak around 1:30, be over by 3:00, and that Neo-Nazi guy is still going to wonder why anyone, especially a “person of color” – because Hitler didn’t kill any of them, would be offended by his swastika tattoo.

The caller is an extremist. The scary thing is, there are people more extreme than him. The scarier thing is that there are people less extreme than him that believe beginning sentences with “I’m not racist, but” makes it okay. Or even true.

We all have prejudices, we like to call them preferences because it sounds better. Call them what you want, but until we recognize them, how do we move forward together?

A topic too big for this morning. I didn’t do it justice. Just go and be kind. If you’re kind and you miss, you won’t miss by much.

Have a good weekend.