The Last Friday of Summer Break

Get ready for the annual photo of my kids holding a plate with a pancake, expertly crafted in the numbers 6 and 2 this year, on the first day of school. That’s coming next Wednesday as school starts again in our district and the kiddos head off to 6th and 2nd grades. You won’t be able to miss it on the Facebook. Then, about a month later, our friends in other parts of the country will post their back-to-school pictures on the exact day that we have our first meeting with the truancy officer to discuss excessive tardiness (just a prediction).

I know the world constantly changes, and I don’t want to go off on a “back in my day” old man rant, but why in the sweet name of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich are schools starting on August 9? I don’t remember having all of the days out of school that kids get now. We started school the week of August, got out for Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, and then got two weeks at Christmas. We got a week for AEA week, now universally known as Spring Break, and we had 3 “snow days” built in the schedule in April and May as make-up days for inclement weather. If it snowed and schools were closed in January or February or March, we went to school on one or more of those make-up days. If it didn’t snow that school year, we got a few Fridays out of school in the spring. Glorious “snow days”.

Looking at our school calendar, school is out Labor Day, 2 days around Columbus Day in October, Veteran’s Day in November, the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week, and then Christmas break begins at Noon on December 15. That’s 10 days before Christmas, if you’re counting. April is the only month that the kids aren’t out at least one day for something or other. The school year ends the week before Memorial Day. It is what it is, really, I just like summer, and this year’s summer break was incredibly short.

I’m so proud of the Harcourt Brace Jovanovich reference. I’ll laugh to myself all day about that.

I’m trying to ease back in to being more consistent with the Friday posts, and I know this was a short post today. It leaves more time for you to go and be kind. Have a great day!