Freestyle Friday: It’s Really Not Freezing in Your Office

5:00, let’s go.

The temperature outside is 16 degrees. The newspaper guy just did his second pass down our street, with his windows rolled down, making sure that everyone that doesn’t mind reading Wednesday’s news today gets their copy of the Friday paper.

I’ve seen him stop his car, get out, open the trunk, and replenish his front seat inventory from a stash of rolled and wrapped papers in his trunk. I couldn’t imagine doing that this morning. “Sorry” isn’t the right word, because I don’t feel sorry for anyone getting up as early as the paper guy does and going to work. “Encouraged” is probably the more accurate term, but I can’t help but think – as I sit here in my pajamas drinking a cup of coffee – that he should get a pass on tossing a paper in your driveway before you awake when it is 16 degrees.

Of course, if I recall from our time as newspaper subscribers, delivering papers is just one of the man’s jobs.

Is there any irony, against the backdrop of respect for the newspaper delivery guy this morning, that I’m giving a presentation today on paper use and storage reduction initiatives in our area? Sorry, the event is not open to the public.

We’re within two weeks of the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Japan Russia! There have honestly been times in the last two years when I’ve thought, why are they talking to Vladimir Putin about the Sochi games? Then I thought that maybe I was wrong and that Sochi was really in China, and President Putin was just the mouthpiece for Communists everywhere.

It was really quite the blonde moment for my old gray head.

It’s 5:30. Every week I am amazed at how fast 30 minutes passes. Have a great weekend!

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