Freestyle Friday: An Unexpected Workday

Good morning. I was supposed to be writing this, at a later hour, from a hotel room somewhere between Knoxville, Tennessee and Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia. Here I am at 5:00am, though, sitting on  the second stool at the kitchen counter at home. My usual Friday morning spot.

If you didn’t see the post from yesterday on work, it’s here.  Leah said, “That’s a good post. There was a Mad Men episode that said something similar.” She started watching Mad Men over Christmas and is now somewhat obsessed. Still, to have your blog post mentioned in the same breath as a Mad Men episode, that’s quite the compliment (I think).

Anyway, we were supposed to be in a hotel room because we were supposed to meet Ted, Erica, and their girls at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia for a weekend of snow skiing. We had planned to drive, but timing was critical in order to make the long weekend trip work. Specifically, we needed to leave yesterday evening. Then Winter Storm Pax (was that the name?) came through and dropped snow and ice from here to Knoxville and all along I-81 to Wintergreen.

IMG_1312Faced with the significant prospect of spending more hours traveling than we really had time to travel or, worse, being stuck somewhere between here and there, we opted to cancel the trip and stay home.

That means that today is now a work day instead of a vacation day. Even though I wasn’t mentally prepared to work today, I’m still going. On the upside, my calendar is free of meetings.

It also means, however, that we have nothing in the way of Valentine’s Day presents or plans. It’s a good thing that every day with me is like Valentine’s Day, right Leah?

Was Valentine’s Day created by a greeting card company, or was that Mother’s Day?

Nonetheless, we’ll spending the weekend watching Olympic winter sports instead of participating in the sports. Jack was disappointed because he wanted to do the rail slides like the snowboarders. He’s really gotten interested in snowboarding. “Aww dude, that’s like a total bummer dude,” was his response to the trip cancellation.

I have not seen a single end of curling yet. Perhaps I can make that happen this weekend.

Time to run. Kind of a scattered post this morning, but that’s what you get some times. If you didn’t see it, I would really encourage you to read yesterday’s post. Then go have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.