Freestyle Friday: This Time Next Week

Good morning! A quick update from the Kiva Cup. Team USA and Team Europe are tied 2-2 after day one. As I understand it, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Europeans after Team USA was able to take both matches against the top two teams Europe had to offer. Action continues today with four-ball matches this morning and alternate shot matches this afternoon.

On to the post!

Except for Freestyle Friday posts, which I actually write at 5:00 each Friday morning, I write my posts on Sunday evening while sitting in the coffee bar at church while Layne is in children’s choir. Next Sunday evening, however, I’ll have my toes in the sands of Florida’s beaches. I will not be writing next Sunday evening – not at 5:45 anyway. Next week is strictly a vacation week, and here are five things that I’ll do at least once (in no particular order):

  1. Doughnuts from Charley’s Donut Truck:  One of our favorites for the last six or seven years. Just a quick bike ride to Alys Beach for some of the best doughnuts you’ve ever eaten. Or it could just be an average doughnut, but the way the kids’ faces light up as they look at all the options makes it a perfect doughnut. Per doughnut the price is a little high, but you can feed eight people breakfast for about $20. Try doing that anywhere else that doesn’t require you to clean up a kitchen afterward.
  2. The Sugar Shack: Jack and I went to the Sugar Shack about four years ago, I guess. I  envisioned in my head this “kid in a candy store” moment where Jack’s head would spin at the sight of all the candy. We walked in the door and I – the proud, excited dad – said to him, “Go crazy, man.” About three minutes later, he brought a single Laffy Taffy to me and said that was what he wanted. I had to twist his arm to get him to loosen up and get more candy. “Look! An AstroPop! Do you understand how great these are?” Four years later, we don’t have that problem.
  3. Po-Boys from Seagrove Village MarketCafe: As the sign on the wall says, it’s just “Deep Fried Love” (but they’ll grill it for you, too). I love the shrimp po-boy and the oyster po-boy, and the gumbo is some of the best you’ll ever eat (served at dinner only, though). Jack will tell you, also, that they serve the best cheeseburgers on the beach, and he’s tried almost every cheeseburger from Fort Walton to Pier Park.
  4. While visiting Seaside, I’ll ask the kids, “do you know who got married right there?”  “You and mom, dad. You ask us that every trip”, Jack will respond. Yes, I know that I ask every trip, but I think that it’s important to remember what happened in that place in case the kids are ever in a position to stop someone from replacing the pavilion with one of those gaudy silver trailers. Yes, I think they’re gaudy. I don’t think they’re cute or quaint or harken back to “old Florida”. I think they’re awful and have contributed in no small way to the death of Seaside as an awesome place to visit. That may sound harsh, but I knew and loved Seaside before all of that stuff was there. Back when your choice was Bud & Alley’s or Modica Market. It’s still a neat place to visit, but 15 years ago, Seaside really was the Truman Utopia.
  5. I’ll take a nap. Do y’all know how awesome a nap is? It will be on a day, after the kids have been going, and going, and going some more to the point that it not being dark enough outside for glow sticks will send them in to crying hysteria.  We’ll all just curl up in the king size bed to watch a movie and rest. Ten minutes in to the movie, everyone will be asleep. It’s one of the three or four naps that I take a year. I feel refreshed just thinking about it.

Sure, I’ll be on dolphin watch, and I’ll scan the beaches for pirate treasure with my metal detector (yes I will!). We’ll ride bikes and we’ll contemplate whether or not the four of us could live in a carriage house in Rosemary Beach, and – though Leah says that it’s not nice for me to say – a little piece of me will die when I turn the car from 30A to Highway 98 as we leave to come home.

Oh, and I’ll write while I’m there, because this isn’t really work. I’d like to get paid for it, but it’s not work.

What else should I do?  What is your favorite beach activity? Let me know what I’m missing in the comments section below.

Have a good weekend. Go be kind. Cheer for some kid on the other team, just to be awesome! See you guys next week.

4 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday: This Time Next Week”

  1. You forgot mashed potatoes at The Red Bar. Also, I like the candy store at The Village at Baytown Wharf better because it has lots of favors of fudge and Jelly Bellies!

    1. You know, Karly, I could eat the Panne Chicken three, maybe four, times a week without getting tired of it. Yes, mashed potatoes from Red Bar are on the to-do list. It looks like I’m going to weigh a million pounds after this trip.

  2. I’m giddy with excitement for your beach trip!! Which through this post now feels like OUR beach trip. I will have a hard time working next week imagining your eyes lighting up expectantly with every joyous ping of the metal detector.

    1. I have never NOT found money, Todd! I’ve found more tent stakes and bottle caps, but the excitement when the “BEEP” pierces through the sound of the wind and the surf…fortunes could be beneath the sand!

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