Freestyle Friday: My Sensitive Side

Good morning. 5:05. I was on time, but it took me 4 minutes to come up with the title for the post. That’s probably a good indication of how this post will go, in a bad way.

You may have noticed from some of my posts that I’m kind of big on the idea that you can’t work on a solution until you admit that there is a problem.  Hey guys, our country is broke. We’ve heard, and we’ll continue to hear, a lot of blame on both sides but, in truth, they’re really arguing over when to blow the smoke and where to place the mirrors – they’re not trying to fix the problem. Putting the country on firm financial footing is going to hurt – and hurt for many, many years – but the alternative is going to be devastating.

Let’s just stuff some more pet projects in that can and keep kicking it down the road, though. Maybe all our Common Core educated kids will be smart enough to fix the problem. (I really don’t know, I just know people are hot about the Common Core.)  Do you remember when I said that people who send a significant portion of their discretionary income to credit card companies can’t help, financially, people who are hurting? Well, the same applies to our government. I get that’s not the feel good answer that plays well in the news, but I could make that idea play in Peoria.

I did hear that one of my favorite places in earth, Cade Cove, is closed due to the shutdown. The little bit of indian blood that I have in me (mom’s side) still wonders how you can shutdown the forest.

That wasn’t what I was going to write about today. I was going to answer one of Katie’s questions.

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

The sense that I would give up would have to be smell. I wish that I could have given it up before I started changing diapers. I’ve wondered, multiple times, how am I going to keep this kid from falling off the changing table while I puke – I’ll puke fast. God bless the church nursery workers who say, “You know what, I want to teach the two-year-olds class.” I’d miss the smell of bacon, wood burning in the fireplace, honeysuckle and the smell of fresh-cut grass, and puppy dog breath, but I think that day-to-day, smell is probably one of the most overlooked senses for me, so I just don’t think that I would miss it much.

The sense that I would want to gain super-sensitivity would be sight. Heck, I’d be happy with having regular ol’ 20/20 sight. To wake up in the morning and see the digital clock on the cable box would be glorious. With 20/400 sight, I can’t even see the clock on my iPhone without my glasses. To have the minutes back each day that I spend putting in and taking out contacts, that would be awesome. The first thing that I have to do every morning to find my glasses so that I can walk – without running in to the door frame – to the bathroom so I can put in my contacts. That’s not awesome.

How would you answer that question?  Leave your answer in the comments section below. Oh, and congratulations to Chris and Karly for being Top Commenters of the Month for September. The prize of my sincere thanks and appreciation is on the way!

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!

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