Freestyle Friday: Go East Young Man

5:00AM. Let’s go.

Spring is here, but it’s 37 degrees outside as I type this. That seems a little slow to me. The high today is almost 70 degrees. I realize that it’s only March 21st, but the South isn’t warming up the way it’s supposed to this time of year. The heat is on in our house. That’s not supposed be the case in late March in Alabama. This is the time of year that I get to live modified-Amish, and not have to run the air conditioning or heating. #PolarVortex

Anyway, so we have four trips in four months coming up. First up is an overnight Spring Break trip to Atlanta, Georgia. One of the good things about living in Alabama is that Atlanta is only a two hour-drive down I-20. We’re close enough to enjoy the great attractions, but far enough away to stay out of the daily traffic jam. We’re hitting up ¬†LEGOLAND in the afternoon and then going to the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium the next day. We’ve never been to either place. Spring Break is not a break from learning in our house.

April is The Masters, for one day anyway. Leah’s dad entered, and was selected from, the ticket lottery, so we are taking a trip over for a practice round. I’ve never seen Augusta National, so I’ve never seen how hilly the course actually is or tasted the pimento cheese sandwiches. I’m already thinking that trip will make it on to the “In Pictures” page. I hope to meet Roo.

The one day trip to Augusta gives way to our anniversary trip (15 years! I know, right?) in May to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve never been to Charleston. A lot of ‘first time trips” this year. Apparently, every restaurant in Charleston claims to have the world’s best shrimp & grits. I will take it upon myself to determine who actually has the world’s best. Do y’all have any idea how hard it is for me to NOT order the shrimp & grits? Some of these places are adding scallops and lobster to the shrimp and grits. I need to see that! I need to taste that! I imagine it makes that bacon that they add at The Fish Market seem a little lacking – although bacon is never lacking.

Leah has already made reservations at the restaurants that actually take reservations. Restaurants making the cut were:

To top it off, the hotel is at the start of a 5 mile mapped running route. With all the eats, I may need to do morning and evening runs. Beyond excited about the Charleston trip.

We end trip season with our regular trek to the beaches of South Walton. Life shines.

Shifting gears on you, but this is kind of funny. Jack brought home three guppies from school yesterday. They were studying how different animals develop, I think. Anyway, when I got home from work he asked me, “where is the fish tank we had? You know, the tank that we had when we had that fish in that was shy so you took him back to the store. Where is that tank?”

He was, probably, three years-old when we had the “shy” fish. He’s now eight. That tank cost me $6 a day for every day the “shy” fish lived. I’m quite certain that I took the tank back to the store “along with the fish.”

Some of you guys who told your kid that the dog “went to live on the farm” may understand.

That’s all for today. Have a good day and a super weekend!

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