Freestyle Friday: Finally Recovered

Good morning! I’m up and at ’em this morning.  This is the first morning this week that I haven’t been awaken by the alarm clock. Maybe I’m still hyped up on the candy that I took out of the kids’ Halloween bags, or maybe I’m finally recovered from last weekend when Jeff, Ray, Ted, and I traveled to Tuscaloosa for a reunion weekend. We didn’t do anything too wild, like stay out until the wee hours of the morning, but those of you that know me know that at 9:00 PM on any normal night, I’m on my way night-night. We stayed up to 12:30AM one night last weekend.  We were at home at 10:30 the next night. It’s been a busy week and I’m a little off schedule, but things will get back to normal next week.

I had a great time reconnecting with the guys, and we had a lot of fun touring campus and visiting some of our olds haunts. (If you’re wondering, City Cafe is still there, still delicious, still the best priced meal around!) After everyone left, I felt both full and empty at the same time. It was a great time, but I know that it will be a long time before we can all see each other again.

Dr. Kevin Leman, author of great books like, “Have a New Kid by Friday”, “The Birth Order Book” and “Sex Begins in the Kitchen”, spoke at our church a couple of years ago on the topic of marriage and family. He said a ton of great things, but one thing that he said that hit home with me was something he actually directed to the wives. When explaining husbands, Dr. Leman said, “Ladies, your husbands are fortunate if they have one really good friend. He is incredibly lucky if he has two really good friends. If he says that he has three or more good friends, then he’s lying.”

Women go to lunch together in the middle of the week. They talk about their kids and their favorite shows and what they’re reading, and when they’re done they make plans to meet again over the weekend to get their nails done and catch up some more. If men have lunch together, they’re good for month.

People are important. Friendships matter. It’s easy to just say, “We’re friends on Facebook” and feel like that’s fulfilled your half of the friendship obligation, but I encourage you to dial it back about 20 years this weekend and actually call that friend. Hear their voice. What an awesome responsibility and privilege it is to get to be someone’s friend. Make the most of it.

I’ve got to get ready for work. Y’all have a great weekend!

Jeff and I, just to prove my face isn't that round.
Jeff and I, just to prove my face isn’t that round.




3 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday: Finally Recovered”

  1. Love this post!!! Really love this sentence! “After everyone left, I felt both full and empty at the same time.” Good friendships are so important and are harder to nurture as we get older. Glad you got to spend time with your friends!

  2. Thanks so much for posting— I agree with KBF — a beautifully written sentence! More interested in the book title “Sex Begins in the Kitchen” — Y’all discussed that at the Baptist Church, did you????

    1. You could actually buy the book in the lobby during Dr. Leman’s visit, Chris. Of course, we placed the book in a brown paper lunch bag so young eyes couldn’t see the cover.

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