Freestyle Friday: So, I’m the Opposite of DISC

Good morning! Let’s get going with the fastest 30 minutes of the week.

I’ve taken a couple of DISC personality assessments this week. There are several DISC assessments and all of them define the letters differently,  but all of them focus on traits that measure four personality areas. A DISC quick primer:

D stands for dominance. The emphasis you place on controlling and accomplishing results.

I stands for influence. The emphasis you place on persuasion and relationships.

S stands for steadiness or support. The emphasis you place on cooperation, sincerity, dependability.

C stands for compliance or conscientiousness. The emphasis you place on quality, competence, and adherence to rules.

People who score high in S and I are generally people-oriented while C & D people are generally task oriented. D & I people are generally extroverts, while C & S people are generally introverts.

I’ve taken the quick, free online versions with 12 – 28 questions, not the honest to goodness DiSC® assessment, so my results may vary a little over a larger question set.

I’ve been writing this blog for about six months now. I feel like I’ve been pretty open, so if you’re a regular reader, you probably know more about me than Leah would like. How do you think that I scored? I’m a high I, right? And I have to score high in the D category right? I mean, I registered my on name and created my own website so the I could control it, right? Here are my results:

I don't have to lead, but whatever we're doing, I'd like for us to do it right and I'm here to help.
I don’t have to lead, but whatever we’re doing, I’d like for us to do it right and I’m here to support the effort.

Introverted, task-oriented rule follower. I am a CSID, complete opposite of DISC. Surprise anyone? It really didn’t surprise me either, especially that I scored high in the two introvert categories.

Jack asks me, a lot, why we do the same drills over and over at basketball practice. I tell him it’s because I don’t want them to do the drill until they can do it right, I want them to do it until they can’t do it wrong. I’m a big ol’ C. I need a little more I, though. (Why did “NO WIRE HANGERS!” just pop in to my head?)

Fastest 30 minutes of my week. Hey, look for a mid-week post next week about either sharing (it doesn’t happen by accident) or about David carrying around Goliath’s head after their battle.

Until then, try out one of the DISC assessments. Fun, easy, and there are even assessments for the kiddos.

Go be kind. Have a great weekend.

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