Freestyle Friday: Charleston Quick Review

Or, as the locals pronounce it, Chaaaston.  Our tour guide informed us that, “the r and the l are silent, ya see.”


I know that I promised a definitive shrimp & grits review, and I’ll write a more detailed review soon, but what a great city! The drive time from Birmingham was seven hours and the drive is all interstate, except a 5 mile stretch south of Columbia, South Carolina.

Some interesting tidbits (according to the tour guide):

Though not a French city, Charleston had a French Quarter before the city of New Orleans was established.

George Washington worshipped in pew 43 at St. Michael’s Church on Sunday, May 8, 1791.

Not a soul seemed to know Richard Davis, although we saw the Trademark Properties office on Market Street in Charleston.

If it’s 75 years old or older, you can’t remove it. “You can improve it, but you can’t change it.” So, you see carriage steps near the street that haven’t been used in years –  at least not as a carriage step – but they can’t be moved because they’ve been there more than 75 years.


The 1980s miniseries North and South was filmed in Charleston along South Battery. I am old enough to remember the miniseries, though I don’t remember watching it. It probably came on opposite ALF.

I need to run. More pictures and stories to come. If you’re looking for a 3 or 4 night getaway, keep Charleston in mind.

If you take Monday through Wednesday off to visit Charleston, also consider that your co-workers will be running at full throttle when you return on Thursday. Be prepared to hit the ground running.

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