Freestyle Friday: 3 Thoughts on the Border Crisis

No way that I get through this post in 30 minutes.

I’ve watched with mixed feelings over the last month the news reports showing thousands of Central American immigrants entering the United States, illegally, through Mexico and our government’s response. I’ve got meandering thoughts that I’ll try to share this morning.

1. This isn’t a new problem.
Barack Obama is not the first president to ignore border security. It’s been a problem for so long that I don’t know who decided border security wasn’t worth the money or the effort.

After we graduated from college 20+ years ago, a friend of mine took a job in McAllen, Texas. Illegal border crossings were a thing then. A big thing. Bill Clinton was the president, but he – as did his predecessors – inherited the problem from someone before him.

Now, Obama may be the first president to say, “Just come on.” That leads to my second thought.

2. This is illegal immigration.
‘Stop calling them illegals’ shout amnesty supporters and their friends in the media. I don’t care what politically correct term we call them, but what they’re doing is illegal. Swimming or boating across a body of water and then climbing over or squeezing though a hole in a fence is not the way that you legally enter any country on this earth.

3. It’s not un-Christian to want a plan.
I’ve seen reports of the last couple of weeks that included phrases like “Jesus was a refugee” and “it’s un-Christian to be against these poor people.”

The Jesus juke at its best.

I wonder how many of the people who say that it’s not Christlike to be against illegal immigration have come out in favor of prayer in schools, or prayer prior to high school football games, or Hobby Lobby’s objection to providing plan-B drugs. I’m guessing not many.

I don’t think that it violates any Christian moral or belief to want a plan for dealing with the immigrants before we send out a presidential invitation for them to come join us.

It’s not unlike a high school kid inviting his entire team over to the house after practice to eat dinner, but his mom isn’t prepared for all of them. There’s not enough food for the entire team, and payday isn’t for another week. It doesn’t mean that the mom doesn’t love her son’s teammates because she doesn’t have the resources and can’t provide for them something that was promised.

Had there been a plan – some organization and communication – around the team party, mom could have been prepared.

Secondly, Jesus may have been a refugee, but he – while being tempted by Satan himself – depended on his heavenly father to provide all that he would need.

Let me put a bow on this because I’m out of time this morning. My heart breaks for these people. Four-year-olds and seven-year-olds, crossing alone to a land where they know no one and they don’t speak the language. Coming to a land with social programs that are already stretched as the country tries to support the highest number of unemployed citizens in its history.

The only plan that we seem to have for them is to put them on a bus and carry them somewhere else. You wonder what kind of hell they’re fleeing that being put on a bus and shipped to a government complex or abandoned building to just sit and wait actually sounds preferable to what they’re fleeing. And what are they waiting on once they get off the bus? And then what? They’ve probably got as many questions as you and I.

Way over on time this morning. Thanks for stopping by.