Freestyle Friday: Visually, It’s An Ugly Number

As I sit here on the eve of the 43rd anniversary of my birth, I find myself a little disappointed. I’m not disappointed at getting older, I’m disappointed because 43 is an ugly number.

I’ve always judged age by how visually appealing the number is to me. 24 is a great number. Conversely, 42 is a good number also. 26, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36…those are all good-looking numbers! 43 is not a good-looking number. Odd how the flipping the 4 and the 3 in 34 doesn’t have the same effect as flipping the 2 and the 4 in 24.

The angular 4 leading the circular 3 just doesn’t look good. It doesn’t even look like it belongs together. It looks like some carnival sideshow with the skinny man who bends himself in odd positions and the world’s largest woman. I don’t even know what it looks like, really, but it’s a visually non-appealing number. I’m not even sure what the next good-looking number might be. 44? Maybe. Then there’s a big gap up to 55. Then you have to get to 62. They’re becoming few and far between.

And while I’m at it, for those of you that are younger than me, the people who tell you that age is just a number are lying to you. Back, neck, shoulder, knees, hip, ankles, they all hurt me now. Getting up from the floor after playing with the kids takes longer than it used to – and it hurts to get up off the floor. Then it hurts to stand still. Then it hurts to walk. I have “thin spots” of hair on my head, and dark hair growing on my ear lobes. What is that about? Good grief.

All that being said, I’m about to drain the last day of 42 to all it’s worth, and then I’m going to start punching 43 right in the face tomorrow. I’m going to make it my best year ever whether it’s a pretty number or not!

Speaking of best year ever,  if you like setting annual goals or if you’re tired of getting to December 31st and wondering what in the world you accomplished during the year, Michael Hyatt has an incredible series titled ‘5 Days to Your Best Year Ever‘ with the tagline Get Clear, Get Motivated, Get Started.’ In full disclosure, learning Mr. Hyatt’s method of goal setting will cost you $97 (I don’t get a dime of that). If you’re starting the year on Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, you can watch the 3 free videos at You may not be as clear or as motivated by the free material but, if you’re intentional, you can get started on your Best Year Ever.

I hope you have a great day!

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