Cups won??? Yes!!!

I hesitated to write this post this morning. It’s been almost a week and the outcry over having a Miss America that sang “Happy” and played with a red cup has been silenced by the reality that, 5 days after she was crowned Miss America, we have returned to a daily routine in which the question, “I wonder what Miss America is doing today” never enters our minds.

I also didn’t watch the show. I mean, ever. Sure, I’ve seen it in passing, but I don’t know what passes for pageant talent. I don’t know what it takes to win a pageant. I just believe that it takes more than beauty and talent for the same state to win three years in a row.

I do know that in 1982 at Tarrant Middle School, our teacher announced that the school talent show was coming up and everyone was encouraged to sign-up. I thought, and thought, and thought about what I could do in the school talent show. What could I stand on a stage in the gym and perform for my fellow TMS wildcats? What could I do? There had to be something.

I never came up with anything. Thirty-two years later I still got nothing.

I can’t dance. I can’t play the piano. I can’t even play the air guitar. I can’t sing. I don’t do magic. I’m not a ventriloquist (I wonder what the outcry would have been had that girl had won Miss America). I used to be pretty good at solving one side of a Rubik’s cube, but Eric Byrd was writing original lyrics in 6th grade! Solving the red side really doesn’t compare.

On Sunday mornings, if BJ doesn’t get my clapping on beat, I can’t even stand out in the congregation and clap on 2s and 4s! Without help – and I’m talking help through all 4 verses, the chorus and the refrain and the chorus again (I don’t know, I’m making stuff up now) –  I sound like popcorn in microwave. I got no sense of rhythm.

So, last Sunday evening, a young lady from New York heard her name called during the talent portion of the Miss America Pageant. She walked confidently to the edge of the stage, sat down criss-cross applesauce and sang a song while tapping a red cup.

I thought it was great.

Was it an original act? No. Apparently she pulled the act from a movie. It was, I guess, the first time that someone had tried it in the Miss America Pageant and, so, from that perspective, it was innovative.

I guess she could have played it safe and sang “Castle on a Cloud”. Talent show people have given those contestants a pass for 30 years.

So, what did I think about it? I thought it was awesome. Good for her! Whatever her name is.

Writing this post also means that I don’t get to do my Friday 4-Pack. That’s okay, I guess, as there aren’t four games worth picking this week. Still, I think Alabama wins by 2, Florida State by 12, and Mississippi State gives LSU a surprise Saturday night in Red Stick.

Have a great weekend. Smile!


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  1. I didn’t see it, but thought it was ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as me, Kim Kimbrough and Stacey Earwood sing Just A Swingin’ during said talent show! Nightmare…… I’m pretty sure Julie Parsons won with her awesome clogging!

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