Freestyle Friday: The Best Blank That You’re Not Blanking

Layne and Belle. This did nothing to slow the discussion of a trip to Disney World.

Good morning.  I have 5:02. Sorry I’m late. Here’s the deal, I’ll write for the next 28, now 27, minutes, and whatever I write in that amount of time goes up.  Today’s topic: The best blank that you’re not blanking.  One of my favorites!

The best radio station that you’re not listening to:  97.3, Y’all. Yes, it used to be a sports station, and then a Hawaiian luau station, but I think it has found its place as a radio station that just plays every good song from the last 60 years. They go from Ricky Nelson to Pink (she had that one song that you know) back to Waylon Jennings and then over to Phish. It’s what my iPod would be if I could ever remember the name of the girl who started her career about the same time as Debbie Gibson. The girl had a song, but Debbie Gibson had, like, 12 songs and the girl got shuffled out. What was her name? Started with a T…OHHHH was it Tiffani? What was that song? I digress. It’s an amazing station. Try it on your way to work this morning, or on your drive home if Rick & Bubba can’t be missed (I get that).

The best TV show that you’re not watching:  I love this “Best Blank” category because it includes one of my all-time favorite shows; Cold Case.  I haven’t forgotten that you didn’t watch the show. I don’t really blame you. I blame CBS for airing the show on Sunday nights “after the game”.  What time is “after the game”. Is that 7:00 or 7:32 or 6:81? What time is “after the game”? How do I tell the DVR to turn on “after the game”? It was a great show.  I haven’t forgotten, but I’ve moved on.

The best TV show that you’re not watching currently is…either Mysteries at the Museum or Shark Tank.  Both are excellent, but I’ve got to pick one….I’m going with Shark Tank. Friday night at 8:00 on ABC is throw-away hour, but Shark Tank is about to begin its sixth season (I think), so maybe you are watching it – or maybe the sharks are bankrolling it.  In short, people who have started their dream bring their ideas to millionaire investors and billionaire Mark Cuban to try to get them to invest in their project. Most people fail because they don’t know the numbers (cost of customer acquisition is always huge, but not knowing how much you have invested already is shockingly common). It’s fun, it’s educational and it’s inspiring.  If you have ever had an idea and wondered what it would take to get your idea to market – do A LOT more research than this – but start with watch Shark Tank. The new season starts…tonight?

The best book that you’re not reading: “Start”, by Jon Acuff. If you want to get your dream off the ground, start by watching Shark Tank tonight. Tomorrow, go out and get this book. It works for anyone from aspiring writers to plumbers to interior decorators to hunting guides. It won’t change your life if you don’t read it. Big fan – BIG FAN – of Jon Acuff right now.

5:35AM.  That went fast.

A quick follow-up to Wednesday’s post. As I was driving to work, traffic downtown was funneled to one lane due to construction.  As I’m slow rolling down 22nd Street, somebody in one of the to-be-closed land passes all the cars that are queued and tries to get in front of me! Did I, who posted about strangers possibly being angels, let this stranger in front of me? Absolutely not.  We’re all works in process.

Thanks for stopping by.  Go have a great day and a great weekend.

Freestyle Friday Starts THIS WEEK!

Whiskeygonebad / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Okay, I heard you! The last few posts were a bit heavier than you wanted to read. I’ve got just the thing for you.

Set your alarm! Wake up early! Freestyle Friday starts this Friday.  Whatever I write between 5:00AM and 5:30AM each and every Friday goes up to the website. I might talk about something funny I saw during the week. I might talk about something I have planned for the weekend. I might just talk about you. It might be a picture. You get the idea.

Tune in and see this Friday morning. (Oh and the regular post is scheduled to go up tomorrow at 8:08AM, servers permitting.)