Eighteen months ago, I shared with you a secret of sorts that was so awesome that I felt guilty keeping it to myself. Since then, I have received tweet after text after email saying, “MAN! You were right about the chicken biscuit and gravy at Chick-fil-a! Outstanding!”

It is with great sadness that I report that the Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit and gravy is no more. Two people in the last week have told me that, when ordering the chicken biscuit and gravy at our local Chick-fil-a, the extremely friendly and polite person behind the counter explained that CFA no longer has sausage gravy so, therefore, making a gravy biscuit was impossible.

I wonder if this is a store decision, or a CFA corporate decision. I imagine stores are free to decide if they have little flower arrangements on each table and are free to decide where to get the little flowers, but food items are probably corporately sourced. I mean, you can’t have thousands of kitchens across the country set up the same but preparing different menu items. There has to be a process and space allocated in the kitchen for heating gravy, so it’s got to be a corporate decision, right?

It makes more sense that it would be a corporate decision because, as I wrote in May of 2016, I never, ever, not one single time received a proper chicken biscuit and gravy at an Atlanta area (which is to say, Georgia) Chick-fil-a. I always just received a regular chicken biscuit with a side of gravy. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that the CFA corporates never experienced a proper chicken biscuit and gravy and, therefore, didn’t understand the ramifications of removing sausage gravy from the food items available to its stores around the country. There’s a  lesson to franchisors and franchisees about the importance of consistency from location to locations here, and the loser is the customer.

Someone told me that CFA has introduced some type of hash brown breakfast skillet bowl, which sounds awful and like they’re trying to compete with KFC. I will not order it. I will not. Cannot. Quite honestly, this throws my whole CFA breakfast order in to disarray and, on Saturday morning – after 5 straight days of disarray – I don’t want the hassle of a breakfast order in disarray. I’ll just eat a frozen waffle and save the $25 it would have cost me to feed my family of four breakfast at CFA.

All that to say, keep ordering the chicken biscuit and gravy. Don’t let it be forgotten. Order it every time you go in for breakfast, at every location.

Maybe, just maybe, if we keep ordering it, a seed will be planted and that seed will become a tree. The tree will become a forest and, someday, the CFA corporates will see the forest and think, “hey, that’s a good spot for a CFA” and they’ll cut down more trees than necessary to built the building and parking lot and, when they do, in the heart of the tree, they’ll find gravy. And that will be their sign to #BringGravyBack.

Or, if we keep ordering it, maybe the franchisees can band together and tell the corporates that people ask for gravy all the time. We ask politely, and acknowledge that we know they don’t have gravy, but we will not let the chicken biscuit and gravy go quietly.

Interesting side note, at what became the original Chick-fil-a location in Hapeville, Georgia, you can still order items from the classic Chick-fil-a menu. Honest to goodness french fries, not waffled potatoes or whatever they’re called. Carrot-Raisin salad, the cole slaw, etc., etc. I don’t want to have to drive to Hapeville to get a chicken biscuit and gravy.

So go, have a great weekend. Order it anyway.