A Better Way to Start the Day

So, it turns out that waking up at 4:30 in the morning and writing a post about a pet peeve experience is a good way to make a lot of people think that you’re a jerk. If I’m being honest, I could make you think that I’m a jerk at a much more convenient hour. Maybe I should have expected that when I spent 90% of the post talking about the experience and less than 10% of the time talking about the “it will be okay” lesson that was ultimately realized. I’m not sure that most of you made it that far in to the post, though, so let’s talk about a better way to start the day than the way that I started last Friday.

We’ve had on our refrigerator for over 15 years now (hi Katie!) a simple reminder that I’m going to pass along to you this morning. This 8″ round reminder used to hang next to a clipped newspaper article with the headline “Grumpiness is Genetic”. Leah points to this quite often when she’s dealing with me and/or the kids. Here’s a better way to start your day:



Enjoy. Have a good day and a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Back Jam!

    Also, echoing Mark’s sentiment from Twitter several months back, Leah is 70 if she is “clipping articles”.

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