Caribbean Clash – Jamaica vs. Turks & Caicos

This post originally appeared on my second blog attempt, The Conch Shack. This remains one of my most favorite posts to research and write, and it’s still relevant because we’re discussing another trip, so I decided to copy it over. Enjoy!

I’d say that I was trying to write a compare and contrast piece, but as my English 102 professor succinctly stated, “You have no idea what a compare and contrast piece is.” No, I don’t, and thanks for the pep-talk!

Comparing Jamaica with Turks & Caicos is a little unfair to both islands. Jamaica is the third largest single island (behind Cuba and Dominican Republic/Haiti) in the Caribbean with roughly 4,250 square miles and a population of just under 3,000,000. Jamaica’s mountains rise from its watery marshes like Bob Marley in my Uprising poster. Continue reading “Caribbean Clash – Jamaica vs. Turks & Caicos”

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that the family and I spent a few days in Destin, Florida last week. We stayed at the SanDestin Hilton which, if you followed my old MoreOrLess blog you may recall, I described several years ago as the skankiest Hilton. I am happy to report that the SanDestin Hilton underwent a $6.5 million upgrade recently and it is now a phenomenal facility.

I still didn’t like it. Continue reading “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

Duf Decided

Quick post this morning.

The return trip took almost seven hours, but we made it home from the beach yesterday in time for me to watch Jason Dufner two-putt to win the 2013 PGA Championship, his first major victory. What an exciting day for the golfer from Auburn, Alabama.

Dufner said something during the trophy presentation ceremony that I just loved. When asked what the difference was in the final round, Duf said, “I just decided that I was going to be confident.”

Anyone who has ever coached little league coach shouted, “YES!” I talked to Jack about it last night, and I’ll show him the video this evening.

Decide to be confident today.  Not narcissistic. Not irrational. Confident.

Congrats Duf!