Happy September New Year!

I looked at the SEC football schedule for the weekend and didn’t see any games worth spending any time analyzing, so I’m just writing this morning.


Yes, you read the title right, Happy September New Year!

Do you know why I think New Year’s resolutions fail? Resolutions dissolve because the activity or goal wasn’t important enough to the person for him to begin the pursuit in September (or March, or July 17).

This year, I’m going to go join the gym and start exercising.
Except you have to stand in line with 100 other January-joiners to sign-up. If the line to join is that long, how long is the wait for the elliptical trainer?

This year, I’m going to run a half-marathon.
Except that it’s cold outside in January and February, which makes it hard to get motivated to go out for a run.

This year, I’m going to church every Sunday.
Except that you’ve been go-go-going since Thanksgiving and now the kids have basketball games every Saturday morning and you really just want to sleep-in. Sunday is the only day that you can sleep late.

This year, I’m going on a diet.
Except that you’ve eaten everything in sight since Thanksgiving, and there’s no fresh local fruit & veggies in January. It’s too cold to get outside and exercise and the line at the gym is just too long.

Here’s a thought, why don’t you make today your New Year’s Day? Maybe it’s not a resolution like one of those listed above, maybe it’s something else that you’ve been wanting to do, perhaps even needing to do. Start it today! There’s nothing magical about January 1 that makes us more determined or that frees up time in our schedule. Go!

And then don’t quit.

In a pre-race interview,  NASCAR driver Carl Edwards said, “Early on, I realized that I could beat about 95% of these guys just by not quitting.”

Go! Happy New Year.