Time to Use My Christmas Present

Happy 2015 everybody!

As we sat at the counter and ate dinner last night, Leah made the comment that Christmas was a week ago. Of course, that means that Thanksgiving was five weeks ago. Time goes by so much faster as an adult. Today is an off-day for me and as I finally sit down to write, it’s almost noon already. If I were at work, it would only be about 8:15.

One of my Christmas presents was this book, 51WAhDYHNcL642 Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. I don’t think that I’ve ever had anything from a grotto. There’s no mystery to the title, the book is simply page after page of writing ideas. The task is to take the idea and write a sentence or a book of your own. Some ideas are simple, “Making Soup”, while others are more detailed, “Your character is swimming in a lake, not wearing her glasses. She squints at a shape coming toward her in the water. What does she think she sees?” Sounds fun, right? The beauty of it is, the idea may generate one story today, but a totally different story tomorrow! I’m geeking a little.

So, there’s no excuse for me to not have an idea for the next couple of years. So let’s get going today. I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you the idea, or just start writing. I guess that I could do either.

Idea: What can happen in a second

The first idea that came to mind was that you can scan the field for another receiver. If I had Amari Cooper to throw to, though, I’d probably bird dog him all night, too.

Then the idea hit me that it only takes a second for kids to go from playing fine together to having a screaming fit at one another, for reasons no one can explain.

Perhaps because my soon-to-be 9-year old has a BB gun, I know that a BB can travel up to 400 feet per second. That may not seem like much, certainly not the speed of a bullet fired from a gun or a rifle, but I promise you, if you are a squirrel or a chipmunk burying nuts out in our yard, 400 feet per second is enough to get your attention!

There it is. Today’s writing practice. I love it. Long after you guys have read today’s post and gone on to something else, I’ll still be tweaking the words, the punctuation, and the grammar.

As I watched our basketball team stand around at practice with their hands in their pockets, I told them as I’ve told every team that I’ve ever coached, “you will play like you practice.” If you stand around flat-footed in practice, you’ll stand around flat-footed in the game.

642 Things to Write About is practice. 642 times my imagination ways to work a craft. I’m geeking again.

Is golf frustrating to you? You got to practice. Is cooking hard for you? You got to practice.

I’m out! Happy New Year. GO!