But I Never Win Anything

We’re not any different from anyone else, really. Fall is a busy time of year for us. School has started back, the kids are in to their after school activities which, with games, bleed in to the weekends. (Bleed is an interesting choice of words there.) High school football has started and, being that we like the idea and feel of living in a small town – even though we have one of the largest high schools in the state – we go to see kids that we really don’t know play football and cheer and march and run around all body painted up.

A couple of Fridays ago, however, we had a break. A night, albeit a Friday night, where we had nothing to do. No gymnastics, no flag football, no home high school game, no anything. After what has felt like a summer of going and, when not going, working on the house, it was finally a night to just sit and relax. Maybe stay up and watch Shark Tank, even.

At 5:00, Leah announced, “I am going to take a shower and put on my pajamas.”

I open the laptop to see what happening in the Twitterverse. Twitter has become my go to source for news, information, scores. If you can’t tell me what’s happening in 140 characters or less, the chances of me hearing you is incredibly low. Yes, I recognize the irony of that statement in that I’m working on word 242 of this post. (Brandon, irony?).

No sooner had I opened the laptop and pulled up TweetDeck than the Zac Brown Band tweeted out a picture of two tickets and said, “First person to respond with first and last names wins these two tickets to tonight’s show at Oak Mountain!”

I sat there and looked at the tweet. I hesitated. We’ve paid good money to go see Zac Brown Band before – a couple of times. I don’t buy music on iTunes very often, but I have all of ZBB’s work in digital format AND The Foundation might just be the last actual CD that I ever bought. We enjoy Zac Brown Band.

I clicked reply, typed in my name, and clicked send or post or whatever that button is called. I then looked at the original post and saw that I was the fourth person to respond.

Somewhere deep down, I was a little relieved because this was the first Friday evening with nothing going on. It may have been the season premiere of Shark Tank. I wasn’t so relieved, however, that I didn’t add a second response to ZBB’s tweet that said, “I believe you misspelled fourth as -f-i-r-s-t in your original tweet.”

Then I looked again and whoever was the second or third responder had deleted their post. Now it appears that my response was third. Nothing kills a funny tweet like someone deleting a tweet that pulls the rug out from under your tweet.

Anyway, so I’m third and Shark Tank is new. All’s well, really. And then it came.


By this time Leah comes back in the living room all pajama-ed up and ready to watch Friday Night Lights when I announce – WE WON TICKETS TO ZAC BROWN TONIGHT!

Speeding the story along, we call Leah’s parents to ask if they can come stay with the kids, we get dressed, and about 90 minutes after declaring she was putting on her PJs, Leah and I are headed off to Oak Mountain to see Zac Brown.

It was a fun night. So, I can never again honestly “I never win anything.”

Yes, this was taken with an iPhone 4. You can actually count the pixels.

I hope you win something fun this weekend! Go be awesome.