December’s First Friday

Sometimes you just sit down and start typing and something magical happens…

It’s hard to believe that we’re down to the last four weeks of 2016 and still the world has no real hover board. Sure, we have those boards with wheels that touch the ground and batteries that explode that people call hover boards, but we don’t have an honest to goodness Marty McFly device that floats above the ground as if the board and the earth were two opposing magnets. I’m going to be firmly in my mid-40s this month, so if science doesn’t hurry up, I’m going to be one of those grandpas that you see on America’s Funniest Videos breaking his coccyx trying to ride one of his grandkids toys.

Speaking of America’s Funniest Videos, my aunt will be on the show this Sunday (December 4, 2016, check local listings for time and channel). You wouldn’t think that driving in the rain, looking for a candle supply store would result in a video that earned her, my cousin, and a cast of characters a trip to California to meet Carton Banks (real name: Alfonso Ribeiro), but it did. I’ve seen the video 100 times and I still laugh at, “WHAT WAS THAT?” Seriously. I’m too tired at 5AM to make up that kind of story, so watch AFV Sunday evening to see for yourself.

We have painters in the house! By “painters” I mean guys who have installed can lights in our living room and bedroom, moved the light fixture in the kitchen over about 4 inches, moved an entire doorway about 2 feet to the right, raised all of the passageways from 7′ to 8′, worked on our smelly dishwasher, installed bead board in the bathroom, hung and rehung the foyer light fixture (which is going to have to be removed, returned to the store for exchange, and then rehung again), retiled our laundry room floor….they’ve done everything EXCEPT paint. It’s been a project, but these guys are gold! They’ve been here for a month and they finally started painting this week.  For the first time in a month I came home yesterday and there wasn’t any new sheetrock dust layering the house – just the same dust that’s been layering the house like a fine morning frost for weeks. At this stage I count no new accumulation as a win.

Ohh, I should have told y’all about Holler & Dash! I’m out of time this morning, but here’s a photo of my pork rambler, or something like that.

Not pictured: Tater Tots
Not pictured: Tater Tots

Sometimes you just sit down and start typing and something magical happens…other times you just get a mind-numbing hodgepodge, but at least I didn’t tax your senses today.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Remember to smile first, and then everything else kind of works itself out.

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