Merry Christmas!

Good morning America, how are ya?

Spotify thought that I needed to hear that song this week, which is very kind. Spotify also thought I needed to hear Galveston, which I did need to hear.

“All Your Favorite Bands” also popped up in my ‘Discover Weekly’ mix. I had never heard the song, and never heard of Dawes (maybe I don’t get out enough), but as I listened to the words, the song just hit me in my sentimental place. I tried to make Leah listen to it, but she said that it must be a boy thing because she didn’t really get it.

I won’t just copy and paste that lyrics here, but they’re magnificent. I know that most of my readers are female, so you may not get the song any more than Leah did (or didn’t, I don’t know, I’m off today), but your husband has a friend that had a “Let’s Party” hat. It was probably the friend you didn’t really like him hanging out with, and the one that made you cringe when your husband read his list of groomsmen. But I digress.

I haven’t seen some of, what I consider to be, my closest friends nearly often enough and some of them I haven’t seen in forever. It’s just the way that it is, I guess, but my Christmas wish for them is that their favorite bands stay together. And don’t ever throw that hat away.

Merry Christmas everyone and, just in case I’m some place without internet access next Friday, Happy New Year!