Halfway Hodgepodge!

Sunday morning, our friend Melissa will look me right in the eye and say, “Friday’s post, you just mailed that one in. It was not your best effort.”

You’ve been warned.

July 1! We’re halfway through the calendar year! I worked for a company once that ran on a 7/1 fiscal year, so happy New Year to all of them.

It’s tough to write when you’re back is itching. We went to the beach – the glorious beach – last week, and I threw caution in the salty, sandy wind on the last day and didn’t reapply sunscreen to my back every 75 minutes. The bottle says a good dose will last 80 minutes, but you know they’re stretching it. It’s hard to reapply sunscreen to your back. I’ve only go so many people in my life that will put sunscreen on my back, and she was reading a book, so I just went on and enjoyed the nothingness that I was doing. No one ever sees your back, so if it burns it’s okay. Anyway, the price for my rebellion is that my back is itching like crazy today. It’s not peeling, just itchy.

I’m not as bad off as Leah, at least I know the cause of my ailment. She has a rash on her shin and isn’t quite sure where it came from. She’s had a stressful week, a very stressful week, but the doctor said that it didn’t look like the effects of stress to him. He said, with a straight face I imagine, “Looks like you got in to something.”

What is the ICD-10 code for that? Looks like you go in to something.

She texteded me the diagnosis and I responded, “that’s going around”, because that’s what you say to someone to make them feel like they’re not alone with an ailment. “It’s that time of year” is another thing you say to people to make them feel better after they’ve gotten in to something, like a bottle of the flu.

Anyway, she got two shots and two prescriptions. Steroids and antibiotics. She goes to doctors that still believe in, or try, or write prescriptions for, treatment methods. I could go to my doctor with a broken arm and he would ask me if I have an ace bandage at home.

“No sir,” I would respond.

“Well, just keep it real still until the bone grows back. No need for follow-up.”

Hard core.

Allowing for a couple of trips to the coffee pot, it took me 30 minutes to write the 350 words above. That’s not quite 12 words a minute, but I proof and edit and rewrite and laugh to myself as I go, none of which I really have to defend. Point is, time does fly when I’m doing this. I enjoy it, which is why I’ve decided to renew the domain registration and the web hosting service when it expires later this month. It’s fun, and with the sale of this home and the purchase of our next home, I don’t have a mortgage payment due in July, so I can spend a few dollars on this little hobby.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all have a great day and a great weekend.

Happy 4th!