Hey, Do You Know Who You Look Like?

From roughly 1994 through the 90s, rarely did I go anywhere that someone didn’t ask me ‘do you know who you look like?’

Me, but that wasn’t the fun answer. The fun answer was that doctor on TV.

It started out like the photo above, Shaggy Doug Ross, and then we moved to the photo below, a period that I and Jill at Angel Hair Salon called Caesar Doug Ross.

Without additional comment, the 90s were a fun time. George Clooney left ER in 1999 and became the answer to the question “do you know who you look like” only when he starred in a new movie (The Perfect Storm, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (I’m a Dapper Dan man!), and the Ocean’s series).

Then, around 2006, the answer to the question changed from George Clooney to this guy:

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. He’s from Alabama. My hair was never that long, but I wonder if anyone ever told him that he looks like a guy from Tarrant.

A side by side. Nothin alike.

For the last few months, thanks in part to a $24 million ad campaign that was launched late last year and the new location they opened in Birmingham, the answer to the question has been this guy:

“We were driving to the beach and the kids saw this billboard and said, ‘Look, it’s Jack’s dad!'”

I had a guy tell me just yesterday that he was driving in to work and had to do a double-take because he thought he saw my face on the side of a bus. These billboards are popping up everywhere. Here’s a better photo:

I know that someone has a better photo of the billboard. Please post it as a comment on Facebook so others can see and judge for themselves.

Go have fun!