2016 Wrap-up: A Day Late and 140 Readers Short

Do you remember the movie Saturday the 14th? It was a early-80s horror comedy spoof of Friday the 13th, I believe I remember. It was a silly movie, as most spoofs are, with nothing to do with today’s post, other than today is Saturday the 14th.

I woke up early this morning, because it is Saturday and I have nowhere to be. I intend to go for a run when the sun comes up – I shouldn’t have to run at sun-up in January to avoid the heat – but, while I wait for daybreak I’ve been going through some blog stats from 2016. It was an inconsistent year in terms of production. I didn’t write every Friday and, a couple of times, I went a few weeks between posts. Couple that with Facebook’s algorithm that determines what you see on your Facebook feed, and that makes it hard for people who are not subscribed via email to know that something new has been posted. So subscribe via email!

Facebook is a monster relative to site traffic. 84% of the visits to this site come from Facebook. About 13% come from Twitter, and the rest via email referrals. Facebook is too huge to ignore, even if it’s not my favorite social media tool.

The top 5 posts of 2016 in terms of page views were:

#5. December’s First Friday¬†barely nudged out Gas Station Sandwiches. Sorry Leah. That birthday lunch was just never meant to be spectacular.

#4. Two weeks, One Crazy Bird

#3. Don’t Call in a Comeback, But Call it Something

#2. Freestyle Friday: Cha-Cha-Cha, HI-YA! Eat More Chicken!
(This was actually a post from 2014, but it came in as the NUMBER TWO most read post of 2016. Why? I didn’t know either until I looked at the Google search terms that referred people to this site. The Google searches that led people to my site were “Where does the eat more chicken birthday song come from?” and “Why do people say “EAT MORE CHICKEN at the end of the birthday song?” People really want to know when and why those words were added.)

And the number one post of 2016……It’s Been a Tough Week

If I’m being honest, It’s Been a Tough Week wasn’t any fun to write. It just wasn’t. I hope though, that you’re still walking around with your circle.

It was a fun year and I renewed the domain registration and website hosting for 3 more years. At the end of those 3 years, I should have enough in my Google AdSense account to buy Leah a sandwich from a gas station. (I’m trying to find a way to make the ads less obnoxious. I’ll get there, I promise. Most of you don’t see them anyway because you’re reading this on your phone.)

Sun’s up. Y’all have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by!